" Woodcarving, Furniture from a tree " companies " Технодревкомплект ".

The company of Open Company " Технодревкомплект " already is more than 10 years in market Derevoobrabotki.

Structure of the company:
-manufacturing of decorative elements from a tree with a groove applying machine tools with CHPU and a manual groove.
-delivery of machine tools with CHPU for woodcarving.
-manufacture of furniture for kitchen with art furnish.

Manufacturing on the equipment with CHPU decorative elements with a groove:
-unprofitable decorative elements from a tree, plywoods, MDF for case and upholstered furniture and interiors;
-souvenir details with a groove;
-погонажные products;

New page with last works:
Last works of the company: http: // www.tdk.2mcl.com/index/page55.php

Except for it Open Company " Технодревкомплект " delivers machine tools with CHPU for derevoobrabotki.
1) the machine tool with CHPU for woodcarving СМ600-
Four zones of simultaneous processing 660х310 mm.
-unprofitable decorative elements with a groove;
-groove on panels of facades;
СМ600 Can simultaneously process 4 preparations 660х310 or 2 preparations
660х620 or one preparation 660х1260 thickness up to 45 mm.
In details on page:
http: // www.tdk.2mcl.com/index/page1.php

2) odnoshpindelnyj the machine tool with CHPU ВР-2500
Zone of processing 2500х1250х150 mm.
-curvilinear open sheet materials;
-facades furniture with figured processing;
-panels door, eaves, platbands;
-погонажные products;
More in detail on: http: // www.tdk.2mcl.com/index/page2.php

Furniture from a tree with application of decorative elements with a groove - warmly and a cosiness in your house!!!

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