What the general between DSP for manufacture of furniture and mushrooms?

To make ecologically pure wood-shaving plates by means of wood mushrooms the Russian biologists have learned.
According to the Moscow state university of engineering ecology to do safe sheets for ecology DSP of steel by means of the enzyme allocated by the Japanese wood mushroom kavaratake. For its reception a mycelium of the wood parasite introduce in a nutrient medium in which it breaks up to the isolated cells. The cellular colony behaves as well as a usual mushroom - it allocates in a liquid in which lives, enzyme lakkazu. In the nature this substance enables a mushroom to be fixed in a tree, softening wood and doing its sticky. Biologists have started to use its these properties for manufacturing from sawdust of wood plates.
These researches are important, as from DSP do the most part of furniture of wide consumption. For pasting sawdust phenols and formaldehydes which gradually decaying in finished articles, are allocated in air are used. And though concentration of "evaporated" dangerous substances are small, they all the same put harm.
Scientists have managed to make separate samples DSP on new technology, but shortly it, probably, it will be possible to create pilot production of "mushroom" plates.
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