Whether will work as "Ivanovo-furniture"?

Fair of vacancies of enterprise " Ivanovo-furniture " nedavo has passed(has taken place) in the city center of employment of the population. We shall remind, that else in the past to year at furniture combine was registered more than thousand employees. But because of delays of wages, more than half of qualified workers send away(have left) from the enterprise.

Crisis of financing of furniture combine and absence of orders was reflected in quantity and quality of a labour. After multimonthly delays of the salary and strikes, the structure of workers of the enterprise has decreased more than in two. Still recently the part of shops in general stood idle. There was a question on sale of combine. But now manufacture again functions, financing is restored. And qualified personnel nekhvataet . 150 person Is required from above. Type everything , even those who nothing is able to do. Guarantee training and the worthy salary.

Huge part of offers at fair - for men: joiners, dressers, mechanics are necessary. For women of vacancies less. There are applicants who never worked at a factory furniture. To them promised excursion on combine. Will show shops, industrial operations - only be arranged to work.

On fair of vacancies send(have come) people who worked at combine earlier. Them interested, whether will keep "Ivanovo-furniture" the structure and whether becomes the next shopping center. And whether will pay in time the salary. Representatives of combine have evasively answered these questions, that if orders will be both certain muscovites and certain muscovites will not refuse to finance the enterprise the enterprise will develop. But it only words, also trust them not many.

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