Pletenaya the furniture becomes more and more popular.

Pletenaya the furniture is simple and unpretentious - and if it correctly to choose, will serve decades. Owners of modern apartments consider pletenuyu furniture stylish, elegant and vanguard. Joints - the most important parameter of durability pletenoj furniture, therefore at a choice of a product it is necessary to pay attention to places of joints and integrity of weaving. At qualitative pletenoj furniture a joint, as a rule, one. Because of good flexibility and ability to accept any forms rotangovaya the furniture is looked gracefully and has a minimum of joints that is a guarantee of its durability. Easy openwork armchairs and sofas can maintain weight up to 500 kg. New pletenaya the furniture suspiciously crackles, especially armchairs and chairs. It varnish solderings in places of an interlacing of rods crack. But this phenomenon time .

From rotanga and willows make practically vsepredmety an interior: office and house furniture, smart and daily, dear and not so, various bearing designs, partitions and decorative panels, and also accessories and utensils. European pletenaya the furniture in differs from Asian both Latin American more complex form and a manufacturing techniques. Alongside with the highest quality, original design and a variety rastsvetok in this furniture natural materials and metal skeletons, glass and wooden table-tops are organically combined. This furniture is supplemented perfectly with various textile accessories and covers, they can be both from bright stuffed fabrics, and from the natural not bleached fibres.

If you have decided to become the happy owner pletenoj to furniture , it is important to remember, that the furniture from rotanga needs to be protected from a rain, and furniture made of ivy- also from direct solar beams.

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