Discount-center of office furniture in Moscow.

In Moscow the discount-center of office furniture located on Sushchevskom to a shaft has opened. Its feature in presence of furniture of domestic and foreign manufacture which can be got at a discount up to 50 %.
Now in one place it is possible to buy for once all furniture for office, and is cheaper, than in usual interiors as at purchase of the marked down furniture, on a series of the basic assortment the additional 10 %-s' discount is given.

Designers will help to combine the chosen furniture and it is beautiful to place it in an interior of office and as a result you we shall get stylish and modern places for the personnel and cabinets for heads which imposing appearance will surpass expenses. There are also other reasons in favour of such choice: free-of-charge departure of the manager, free-of-charge development design-project, free-of-charge rise of furniture on your floor, free-of-charge assembly, and other services.

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