Fire in the furniture center in Kuala Lumpur.

The fire almost has entirely destroyed shop and a goods on sale in it for the sum exceeding 1,5 million dollars. The misfortune happens in capital suburb Klang Velli on June, 13th at 10.05 on local time (06.05 on Moscow).
The deputy director of regional Fire-prevention and saving department Mokhammad Ali Ismail has told, that five fire calculations participated in operation on liquidation of a fire, it about 40 firemen, to extinguish have begun in some minutes after ignition, as a result the fire has been localized in an hour.
It ascertains, that suppression has been complicated by a lot of a smoke as in a trading complex was a lot of furniture made of combustible materials. Victims it is not revealed, but a building considerably postadalo - 14 shops and offices have completely burned down. This fire - the largest to Klang Velli lately.

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