That it is necessary to know about a bed...

To buy only a bed, instead of the whole set of furniture people want for the different reasons. For example, if has served old, for a long time asked replacements to a box. Or if on the ordinary complete set of sleeping furniture there is no money. Or, the room can be too small to place both a locker, and bedside-tables, and a case.
But in practice it appears what to buy the standard complete set for a bedroom many times easier, than separately a bed. In many furniture interiors without a case, a locker and bedside-tables such beds are offered or to model of strange design, or, which in itself cost as the whole set. In some firms offer complete sets on-элементно, but it is a rarity.
To choose a bed suitable you, it is better to know something about a design of this subject.
The bed consists of a skeleton and a frame on which the mattress is put. Many shops offer to the same models some kinds of frames and mattresses on a choice. Frequently the firms working with foreign suppliers, receive beds and frames from abroad, and mattresses buy Russian (the truth, made of import materials). It prshche and is cheaper.
The skeleton can be made of two basic backs with lateral panels or four bearing tsarg with hinged backs (to two or only one, head). In the second case legs-support are obligatory.
The beds equipped by the elevating mechanism and the built in linen box are now especially popular.
There is a huge set of variants krovatnykh frames. Most simple of them is made of long boards or metal trubok, and across them is fixed one and a half ten wooden reek. If a bed double, two be required unary or one double frame.
The more reek in a frame-lattice, the it is stronger (so and more dear. Also the material of which these rejki are made, - a birch or a beech (the beech is more flexible and, hence, serves longer) is important also. The Best variant - thick (up to 1 sm) multilayered rejki (the quantity of layers can reach 10).
There is one more important point: elastic multilayered wooden plates create so-called orthopedic effect. Unequally caving in under weight of different parts of our body, they help a backbone to remain constantly to straight lines. The best effect is created at a combination of two components - frames-lattices and an orthopedic mattress.
Some frames are equipped by adaptations for regulation of rigidity of a berth and system of transformation for change of a corner of rise of head, central and foot parts (it is done by means of the mechanical lever or the electric drive). Such frames cost much more dearly ordinary, but vladelts feels itself extremely comfortably.
To a bed it is necessary to pick up a mattress. It can be bought or together with a bed and a frame, or separately, with any napolnitelem and a upholstery .
The element of a bed most attractive to the designer is a back. It can be various: flat or izognutoj, continuous or openwork, and also trellised, pletenoj, vertical or inclined; with ornaments in the form of turrets, a groove, lists, etc. you can choose a headboard continuous or divided in two, upholstered by a fabric or a leather - business of taste.
On width of a bed share on odno-, double and one-and-a-half. Double have width not less than 160 sm (there are 180 sm and 2), single - up to 1 m (standards: 80 and 90 sm), one-and-a-half - from 110 up to 150 sm (for example, 120 and 140 sm). People of the big growth collide With serious problems. The standard length of a berth of 190 sm or if will carry, 2 m. To buy a bed of greater length difficultly enough, and here to order quite probably: in some furniture interiors and the firms working with foreign suppliers, or it is direct at the Russian factory-manufacturer. And also high people can buy a bed without a back in legs and increase a berth by means of banketki.
In manufacture of beds very different materials are applied: wood in the form of a file or shpona, a rod and lianes for weaving, wood-shaving and древесно-fibrous plates, MDF , metal, glass, plastic, and also fabrics and a leather (for a upholstery), polymeric coverings, varnishes, paints and finishing a film. It became now fashionable to combine different kinds of materials. Manufacturers invent all new variants of a berth for our comfort and a cosiness.

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