History of Tyumen through furniture.

The new project of fund of development of Tyumen, furniture factory " Заречье " and several travel companies of city is created. Detok will acquaint with history of city by means of furniture. Now the route will be tested on children's group. First children will visit a historical part of city where there are old merchant houses. Then they will go to a museum of furniture on one of factories. Exhibits of a museum - a collection of ancient furniture, it is collected by director of company " Заречье " - Sergey Kiverinym. Excursion is constructed so that to acquaint young tyumentsev with different estates of various times through a life and furniture of that time. Organizers wish to involve children from large families that they have felt value of the family center and aspired to keep family. Historically furniture business in Tyumen was on the ball and the whole families were engaged in this business. For adults this route will enable to plunge into the childhood and to become interested in history. First time excursion will be spent only for groups, and interested persons-singles can visit it since day of city. Organizers of excursion hope, that the exposition will interest also foreigners as the exposed furniture, is unique and the recreated interiors of merchant houses of the last centuries will undoubtedly interest them.
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