Children's furniture store in Samara.

Opening interior took place in Samara in shopping center " Frigate " У the Interior for children Ф. The furniture and accessories of the European manufacturers for children's rooms here are on sale. Interiors are created beautiful and functional. But in children's shop " not nurseries " the prices. Creation of the project and filling of a children's room costs from 3 up to 6 thousand euro.
The new interior is looked vpechatlyayushche on a background of other furniture stores. In Samara almost nebylo furniture interiors, raschitannykh only on children, and now here it is possible to buy actually all for registration of a nursery - from furniture and fixtures up to prikrovatnykh kovrikov and toys. The interior works as design agency. Everyone has an opportunity to order design-project of the future nursery. The lay-out of the room, necessary furniture and accessories will individually steal up. The children's room will have the unique style.
In shop on court of buyers samples of furniture are exposed not simply, and the interior of several children's rooms is presented. A room for the chest kid with pelenalnym a little table and a кроваткой-rocking chair, a nursery for two children with a two-storeyed bed, a room for the teenager with a functional working zone. Modular systems are popular. The module enables conditions of a nursery to grow and vary together with the child. Furniture bright, functional. Under a bed there can be a big box with branches where the weight of things is located. Lockers, bedside-tables and tables are equipped by set polok and pockets for different subjects. Manufacturers have thought and of safety of children: all sharp corners are rounded off, boxes, chests have the special devices which are slowing down(are slow) closing kryshek , etc.
The only thing that does not suit buyers, - the high prices. Not many parents can get a children's bed for 15-20 thousand roubles or the fixture for 3-4 thousand roubles. Full conditions of a children's room will manage in 100-200 thousand roubles. And it yet a limit.
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