Prisoners make furniture.

In a corrective colony number six strict modes in the city of Kopeisk of the Chelyabinsk area (in Southern Urals Mountains) on furniture manufacture goes work Ц prisoners-мебельщики have received the big order from children's city clinical hospital number eight Chelyabinsks.
Furniture affairs the masters who are being the conclusion, are now borrowed by manufacture of cases, prikrovatnykh bedside-tables and another medetsinskoj furniture.
The deputy chief of the sixth colony on manufacture Raushan Musin has informed, that the sum of the order has made 175 thousand roubles.
As the colony now concludes the contract with private enterprise on manufacturing of europallets Ц condemned should make monthly twenty thousand pallets of the European sample.
In furniture shop kopejskogo corrective establishment make serial case furniture. These are cots with a cradle "Krokha", winning first place in a rating of sales of production of the sixth colony (such beds of 1800 roubles cost, polutorospalnye beds, the lunch and computer tables which are too popular at buyers.
”мельцы-concluded create also different joiner's production from any breeds of a tree (for example, window blocks and entrance doors). In small amounts make souvenirs: backgammons, a chess, caskets, bulk panels.
In total 256 person works on manufacture of this corrective establishment.
As well as any other enterprise, at industrial shops of a colony has the complexities caused by growth in the country energotarifov , the prices for raw material and materials, increase of wages. Absence of turnaround means does not allow to increase volumes of manufacture which could pay back expenses of the enterprise completely.
Recent check of the State Office of Public Prosecutor has shown, that only everyone the third-fourth condemned today has an opportunity to work and earn though any money. The salary of prisoners not only allows to improve conditions of their maintenance, but also is the major condition for payments under court orders.
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