Prince Charles trades in furniture of lady of Dee.

The close relative of the late princess Diana, columns Charles Spenser, searches for new ways to earn on a name of the late sister. Now a subject became furniture of princess. Spenser has created a collection of furniture and subjects of the interior, being a copy of furniture of the native house of lady of Dee in place Elzorp.
41-years Charles Spenser one of these days has finished round on 18 cities USA. During travel it advertised the new line of furniture made on the sample by that that is in their patrimonial private residence. For this purpose each subject of the house in which 90 rooms, have been photographed. As a result 10 000 photos of things have been received. Charles has chosen pictures of 300 subjects of an interior, among them Diana Spenser's favourite sofa from them.
Columns speaks, that received from sale of magnificent furniture of money will be spent for needs of fund on preservation of a historical private residence of sort Spenserov and on restoration of a facade of it " ostrovka the British history ". For these needs in a year it is spent nearby polumilliona pounds sterling. The income of realization of furniture, by estimation of Spensera, should be about 5 million pounds sterling.
Enterprise activity of the brother of princess Welsh is not limited to it. Charles also has organized in the same private residence in Elzorpe hotel for very provided American tourists. Those who can pay on 30 thousand pounds sterling for an opportunity to have a rest in Diana's bedroom and to try a supper, the prepared chief-cook the column.
Everyone who tries to accuse it of mercenary interest, the younger brother of lady of Dee names "cynics". It considers, that all is done for the sake of " preservations of memory of Diana ".
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