Buying furniture, we shall be vigilant!

Cases furniture moshennichestv today are frequent. Frequently deceived buyers do not know what to do and where to address. We shall result one of examples: some messages have acted with the complaint to the same individual businessmen in which the kitchen set has been ordered. After entering an advance payment the set has not been delivered to all buyers in time. Having decided to learn(find out) in what the reason of a delay, consumers have come to the organization where ordered furniture, but on a door of office the announcement hung, that this IP here any more does not work, and has moved to other place in what — it was not informed.
What to do to buyers in such cases? It is necessary to remember, that in this example we deal with the individual businessman . Under earlier existed legislation to find any information about IP it was actually impossible. Now, with the introduction per 2004 by virtue of FZ " About modification and additions in FZ " About the state registration of legal persons ", it is enough to learn(find out) number of registration certificate IP on which if necessary through tax bodies it will be possible to learn(find out) at purchase, to what address to submit claims.

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