For poor-quality furniture - will answer.

Now the quantity of complaints to poor-quality manufacture of furniture which city dwellers order in local "masters" has strongly increased in Tyumen. Such complaints, together with unsatisfactory quality of manufacturing of technically complex goods and plastic windows, come out on top among other goods.
So, the inhabitant of Tyumen in one of firms has ordered kitchen set under the individual sketch. When employees of firm have brought furniture for installation, was found out, that its sizes mismatch declared owing to what the gas cooker did not enter into the planned space of kitchen. Even after sema terminators on perimeter of a plate the question has not been solved. Besides it, it was found out, that the furniture has been made not of that material which has been specified in the contract. The firm has suggested to alter set, certainly, terms of delivery were postponed for certain time. The woman has written the claim to firm and has addressed in management on the consumer market through the subscriber "Consumer". As a result of consideration of dispute its requirements in the pre-judicial order have been satisfied all.
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