Interior of Russian log hut.

The lay-out of the country house was defined by corners. In one of them, more often, on the right or to the left of an input, there was a furnace which was a home.
The corner opposite to a mouth of the furnace was kitchen and referred to " baby kut " (kut - the ancient name of a corner). All here settled down necessary for cooking: kocherga, ukhvat, pomelo, a wooden shovel, stupa with pestom and a manual mill.
Kochergoj the woman emptied ashes from the furnace. Ukhvatom sent in heat pots with food. In stupe tolkla grain, clearing it from a peel, and by means of a mill milled in a flour. pomelom the mistress swept the bottom of the furnace where a shovel put a grain dough. In babem kutu on shelfs there was a simple country utensils: pots, ladles, cups, bowls, spoons.
On a diagonal from the furnace the red corner which was a place of honour in a log hut settled down. Here on a special shelf there were icons, the icon lamp burned. Any visitor entered into the house, all over again found eyes a red corner, removed a cap, was three times christened, low bowed to images, and then greeted owners.
In a red corner set the most dear visitors, and during wedding - newly married. In usual days here, behind a dining table, sat the head of the family. It slept in a corner at doors. This corner referred to konik as the lateral face of a bench settled down in it (which served as a bed) was often decorated with the head of a horse cut out from a tree.
Furniture in a log hut was a little, and a variety it did not differ - a table, a bench, a bench, ours chests, posudnye shelfs - here and all interior. Habitual to us cases, chairs, beds have appeared in village only in XIX century.
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