C July, 2005 the company « Orgspace Consulting » enters unique for the Russian furniture market system of maintenance of guarantee certificates and establishes a 7-years guarantee on all products of office furniture of mark «Orgspace».

At new system of maintenance of guarantee certificates for each product under mark Orgspace the stroke-code with the instruction of unique factory number, date of manufacture and a name of the manufacturer will be put. The information will be duplicated on packing, and to be brought in a uniform database of the company. Buyers can receive the nominal guarantee certificate with the detailed description of the order of granting of a guarantee and the maintenance instruction of furniture.

Boris Shakht, director of the company « Orgspace Consulting »: « When we buy a computer or the printer, we necessarily demand and we receive the guarantee coupon, we check presence of factory numbers and, in case of any malfunctions, quickly enough we can receive desirable service. Office furniture is a tool for work, same, as a computer or a fax. And we are measured to make a guarantee on office furniture serious service what the guarantee on office equipment is. Moreover, we have achieved such quality of furniture that we can confidently give a guarantee for seven years of operation ».

Researches of the company have shown, that, despite of a demand of guarantees on office furniture, consumers not always can take advantage of warranty service. The reason of it, more often, - in absence on products of necessary marks and documentary issued obligations from the manufacturer. For example, if after a while after purchase something occurs to a table or a curbstone how to define, from what party this furniture, what term has passed(has taken place) after purchase and where the problem product has been bought? What to do, if there was a need for guarantee service, and the trading company which has carried out delivery, has ceased to work with office furniture?..

Stroke-code on each product with unique factory number, date of manufacture and a name of the manufacturer, and also the nominal guarantee certificate from the manufacturer, these questions will solve all and will allow the company-consumer to use the right to warranty service confidently.

* * *

The company « Orgspace Consulting » is the owner of the trade mark «Orgspace» under which are presented special technology of designing of working spaces and systems of office furniture and accessories. Products «Orgspace» allow to place all office processes on the minimal area and to create conditions for increase of efficiency of work. On industrial base of the company furniture factory " »Ó«¼¼Ñíѽý ", - a series of office furniture known to the Russian market Karstula, and also new furniture systems " Periscope ", Fansy, Wellorg, Tetrix, Aura is issued.

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