Rotangovaya furniture in Tyumen.

Pletenaya the furniture from rotanga in Tyumen now is on sale in three shops " Prime-ministers ", "Lajt" and "Luchana".
In halls hills, the coffee tables brought from Indonesia are exposed rotangovye lunch zones, bedrooms, etazherki. Also abundance interernykh things by means of which it is not complex to create the most surprising decor is presented. For example, the openwork armchair from rotanga costs about 10 thousand roubles, an elegant lunch zone - somewhere hundred ten.
Rotangovaya the furniture does not get out of fashion and combines spirit of aristocratism with comfort, exotic with universality. "Pletenka" can be a part of an interior of country cottages or country terraces, spacious city apartments or one only rooms where it would be desirable to find comfortable and beautiful house rest.
Rotangovaya the furniture is strong and easy, so with rearrangement will consult not difficultly. It does not demand special leaving and serves not as decades, and centuries. Such furniture is entered in any interernyj the style, even the separate subject from "pletenki" is capable to recover conditions of the house, to become bright accent.
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