At schools of Altay territory there will be a new furniture.

According to committee of administration of Altay territory by formation, on face lifting of classes and school premises - whitewashing, painting and fine repair work - in it to year from the budget of edge and municipalities it will be allocated more than 14 million roubles.
According to the regional investment program on major overhaul of four rural schools will it is allocated on 400 thousand roubles. These are schools in villages Kharlovo (area Krasnoshchekovsky), Top-«í߬«Ñ and Solonovka (Smolensk area), Soloneshnoe (area Soloneshensky). Also in the project this summer - major overhaul of a roof of the Barnaul state pedagogical college.
Within the limits of regional target programs of school of edge have already got textbooks for the sum over 4,5 million roubles, and prior to the beginning of their new academic year it will be bought on 12 million roubles. Under the program " the School bus " by September of 30 schools of edge will be equipped by buses of small and average capacity. School classes and audiences will be arranged by student's furniture, teacher's tables for the sum approximately in 2,5 million roubles. Due to regional and federal budgets in schools of Altay territory it is planned to get the labware on 8 million roubles. Acquisition of rural schools by sports stock and the equipment approaches the end, for these needs from the regional budget also is given out more than 8 million roubles.
The separate attention is allocated to a question of fire-prevention safety in educational establishments. In 23 establishments with round-the-clock residing children it is planned to establish the modern fire-prevention signal system. Besides to them it will be helped by primary fire extinguishing means and the saving equipment.
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