New furniture for Solonikhi.

Before new arrival in sanatorium " Солониха " in the Arkhangelsk area there were changes in internal furniture of the third case.
Here have put the new original furniture created on spetszakazu in Kirov. Children are very glad to such gift. As in other cases there is a mass-produced furniture made " on a stream ". And here and a little table on kolesikakh which can be moved in any place. Small at first sight, but a capacious case where at desire it is possible to hide from tutors. The bedside-tables of different height which are simultaneously carrying out functions of supports though under flowers, though under gifts to birthday.
For the present moment it only a trial lot of furniture of such type as children - are children: they would like to play, gambol, and as "new thing" in such conditions will prove to be, to assume difficultly. But, that in rooms became cosier is indoubtedly.

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