Harmless materials for your furniture.

Upholstered furniture.
Armchairs from an artificial leather - from 5000 rbl., from natural - from 1000 ue.

Traditionally upholstered furniture - the basic dust collector in an apartment. About leather furniture of it you will not tell. Lacks two - it is dear also animals it is a pity. On manufacturing of a small double sofa skins at least four animals are used. But it is possible to take a upholstery from an artificial leather. But it too is more dear, than a fabric.
Natural fabrics.
Clap, wool, flax, silk.
Armchairs - from 9000 rbl.
Sofas - from 20 000 rbl.
In the West has received popularity special brand Green Cotton. It is put on a fabric for which the clap has been grown up without pesticides, bleached without chlorine, and for painting the substances which are not containing heavy metals have been used.
Kitchen furniture.
MDF (melkodispersnaya fraction).
From 1000 euros for the complete set.
For kitchen sets, undoubtedly, the best material - a tree. But it is not cheap. MDF is more accessible. It almost the same, as a wood-shaving plate , but sawdust from which make MDF, stick together ecologically pure svyazuyushchimi, instead of toxic formaldegidnymi pitches, as DSP. The plate from MDF has density and durability much above, than a natural tree.
Stainless steel.
Sinks - from 1000 rbl., table-tops - from 800 rbl.
"Metal" style hi-tech - not only fashionable, it also hygienic. Ideally smooth surface of a stainless steel easily washes, pushes away a moisture and a dirt.

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