The countryman has learned to make furniture.

In Kurgan area 15 years ago Victor Trapeznikov with the friend has opened the first small enterprise "Cedar". First have borrowed in trade. First two years tried to trade, four more is has left on that " to rise on legs ". But retail business is not that about what was dreamed: developments are not present, money flow away as water.
It is necessary to be engaged in manufacture, the businessman has thought. It slowly, but confidently went to the dream - to create own derevoobrabatyvayushchy shop. Victor began to get old machine tools, all over again milling, and after and derevoobrabatyvayushchy. In due course has redeemed polurazrushennoe a building was PMK, has repaired and has placed there joiner's workshops. Professional joiners in village were not, studied all together in new craft.
For the present moment in joiner's workshops of enterprise " Cedar " a full set of machine tools for derevoobrabotki, a tape power-saw bench. Some machine tools have invented. It enables to make not only the bare products of type of a plinth and vagonki, but also case furniture from the laminated plates. For manufacture the qualitative and dear wood from the nearest lespromkhoza is bought. Products constantly improve, wish to finish up to factory. Have opened shop on sale of furniture of own manufacture. Now at the enterprise 20 person works, executing orders not only local residents, but also inhabitants of the next areas. Countrymen aspire to have at home furniture not worse, than at the townspeople, therefore it is necessary to work long above sketches, but the buyer always remains happy.
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