Exhibition "WOODEX/Лестехпродукция".

Now very few people remembers, that the exhibition of materials very first in Russia, technology and the equipment for derevoobrabatyvayushchej has passed(has taken place) industries " Лесдревмаш-73 " in 1973 in the exhibition center of park " Сокольники ". And it was preceded too by the first, - an exhibition "Мебельиндустрия-70". Both these exhibitions have enabled to see to our experts as branches derevoobrabotki abroad develop all, and became a serious push to development in the country modern derevoobrabatyvayushchego and furniture manufacture. At the moment their successor is the exhibition "WOODEX/Лестехпродукция" which will pass(take place) from October, 25 till October, 29th in KVTS "Sokolniki" in seventh time. Since this year it will pass(take place), unlike the last years, annually.
At an exhibition the equipment for lesopileniya, manufactures kleenogo a board and kleenogo a bar, windows, doors and other столярно-building products, the equipment for manufacture of the furniture made on the basis of laminated plates, reveted natural shponom, the equipment for its furnish and technology for processing and processing of wood and wood materials usually is represented. Special section of an exhibition stands of foreign firms and the Russian enterprises delivering wood preparations, wood plates, plywood, natural and synthetic shpon, kromochnye borrow plastics and many other things - everything without what there can not be no modern manufacture.
Good tradition became, that the most known world manufacturers and suppliers constantly take part in action actually all derevoobrabatyvayushchego the equipment and Russian stankotorgovye groups " Biesse S.p. A. ", " Michael Weinig AG ", " SCM Group ", " Homag GUS ", " Global Edge ", firms " Donnes ", " IMA Klessmann GmbH ", "Ками-Cтанкоагрегат", " Koimpex s.r.l. ", "Negotiator-engineering" and many other things. It is pleasant, that every year their stands the quantity of the new equipment shown by them more and more extends and increases. At this exhibition separate pavilions of Italian and German manufacturers for the first time will be created.
Since 2005 the exhibition "WOOD-EX/Лестехпродукция" is included in the official register of the exhibitions supported EUMABOIS - by the European federation of manufacturers derevoobrabatyvayushchego the equipment, 12 countries uniting national association.
In one of days of carrying out of an exhibition it will be possible to take part in rewarding winners of competition of children's creativity " Children about a wood " which will be lead by group of the companies " Global Edge " at support of exhibition holding " MVK ".
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