New furniture for SIZO.

In Ekaterinburg, in an investigatory insulator 1, there is a repair of the chambers intended for the maintenance of minors accused, have informed in press-service GU FSIN of Management of Sverdlovsk area.
For the present moment 10 chambers are repaired. Repair work in the case proceeded some months. Now premises correspond to modern requirements. On one inhabitant it is necessary four square meters of a floor space that corresponds to the federal legislation. Juvenile inhabitants Ekaterinburg SIZO can have dinner behind special lunch little tables, at their order lockers for clothes and tables behind which it is possible to esteem the book or to play in a chess. The new furniture has been made in a corrective colony of 3 cities of Krasnoturinska. According to employees of educational department SIZO, it nothing concedes to modern furniture of leading Ural manufacturers.
Besides it in -1 after repair new walking court yard have been opened. In one of them it is constructed sportploshchadka .
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