Derevopererabatyvayushchy the factory is started in Kaliningrad.

In Kaliningrad on August, 3rd it is entered in build unique derevopererabatyvayushchy a factory of Open Company " Лесобалт ". As the general director of the enterprise Anatoly Yakimov, this highly technological, ecologically pure without waste manufacture equipped by the modern German equipment has told at press conference, it has no analogues on a level of technologies not only in Russia, but also in the Europe. At a factory from firm wood — larches, pines and fur-trees the furniture board, a window bar, a dried board which are applied by manufacture of furniture, parquet, window apertures and construction of houses is made.
The most part of production will be exported to the countries of the Europe and the USA — already now "Lesobalt" has concluded five years' contracts on deliveries kleenogo a bar from the Siberian wood in volume of 140 thousand cubic metre a year. At the moment 400 highly skilled experts work on a factory in three changes. Their average earnings is made with 15 thousand roubles.
On erection of the first turn of a factory the Russian banks invested 70 million euro. Storitelstvo the second turn with a port mooring in the total cost nearby 100 million euro, is planned for 2005-2006.
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