Moscow - the basic consumer of furniture.

According to " RBK.Issledovaniya the markets ", the Central Federal district makes almost half of Russian furniture.
Thus the leading part is played by situated near Moscow manufacturers. Their share in manufacture of the Moscow region for last 5 years has increased from 78 % up to 83 %.
Manufacture of furniture in the Moscow region increases more intensively, than in Russia, it has grown on 19 % (in the current prices), while the Russian manufacture only on 13 %. Thus manufacture of furniture in Moscow reduces rates of growth, and in the Moscow area, on the contrary, increases (5 % and 22 % accordingly).
If to take in calculation the general rise in price neprodovolstvennykh in 2004, it is possible to judge a gain in 10,9 %. It twice is more than gain of manufacture of furniture in Russia (5,19 %).
Total volume of manufacture of leaders of the market (MK Shatura and elektrogorskmebel) borrows half of all let out furniture of the Moscow region.
In structure of sales of furniture in Russia Moscow is the main consumer - in Moscow buy third of all furniture sold in Russia!
Srednedushevoe purchase of furniture in the Moscow area in 2 times above, than on the average across Russia, and in Moscow - in 4 times. As it is marked, that many regional buyers prefer to buy furniture in Moscow. In particular it concerns sales of office and special furniture.
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