In Petersburg the furniture factory has burned down.

The message on the board of the person on duty about a fire at the furniture factory of Open Company " Барс-2 " which are being in the street of professor Kachalov, has acted to firemen nearby 21.30 Moscow time. In territory of a building manufactures of furniture and metallokonstruktsy, warehouses of conditioners and cardboard container, and also some other manufactures and warehouses have been located.
" It is very complex fire, such in it to year yet was not ", - the head of department of the information of a fire service of St.-Petersburg Valery Ardashev has informed.
Nearby 00:45 environments the fire has been localized, the level of complexity has been lowered to the second. The area of a fire has made about five thousand square meters.
And victims as a result of incident are not present victims. Its reasons and a material damage are found out. On it have informed in the press-service of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across Petersburg. Analysis and prolivka blockages is now spent.
On a place of incident 36 units of technics(technical equipment) and 120 firemen worked.
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