Egoryevsk will make DSP just for decoration.

In Egoryevsk construction of a new factory on manufacture of a wood-shaving plate is organized. This investment project is estimated in 130 million euro. According to the press-service of administration of the Moscow area, the agreement between governor Boris Gromovym and mister Peterom Kajndlom, the president of the company В« Kronoshpan Limited В», about construction of the second turn of a factory is already signed. On it will let out a wood-shaving plate and decorative plates with furnish from melamina for manufacturing furniture.
For today there are negotiations with China about opening in territory of Moscow suburbs of the enterprises on manufacturing footwear and manufacture of a fabric. In the near future in Egoryevsk construction of the big glass factory is planned. The project available also is found the ground area. For half a year in industry Egorevskogo of area it has been enclosed 3,5 billion rbl. This money have enabled to open 15 enterprises and to organize 3 thousand workplaces.
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