Exhibition of furniture from products.

In Santiago the unusual exhibition has opened. On it the subjects of furniture created from foodstuff are exhibited.
The Chilean master does these works of art of the ordinariest meal. The hobby has so grasped Alekhandro Prieto, that it has decided to organize an exhibition that all could estimate on advantage its creativity.
This week in Die Ecke Gallery in Santiago all interested persons can see products Prieto among which the biggest attention such exhibits, as involve a chair created from sausages, an armchair from the fish scales, a chocolate serving trolley, and, certainly, a sofa from jam.
The master speaks, that to it gives pleasure to be engaged in creation of such subjects. It considers, that the furniture made of products, has the imperceptible charm which is visible owing to unusual game of color and a structure of used materials. The author of edible furniture admits, that its products force the person to think and reflect on the most different things in our life.
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