How to get period furniture.

Among last fashionable tendencies of capital - total arrangement of dwellings by subjects of olden time. And nobody wishes to brag to friends of the faded gone to pieces sofa or the peeled table which have once been brought on a summer residence behind uselessness. Now the thing without history Ц is possible.
But if behind this table Lenin milk of a note wrote, and then on divanchik this polusgnivshy to lie down laid down, the price to this subject of furniture would not be.
If the soul wants olden time, and from the historical moments Ц only memoirs on how "have snatched" a table in "Supermarket", and a sofa on protection has got the spouse of the brother of the mother-in-law it is meaningful either to reconcile, or to run about on Pervoprestolnoj. Well, places where it is possible to get a new thing for the house, in Moscow not too it is a lot of. With interesting destiny people search for furniture in antique shops, on flea markets or on dumps (but this variant, more likely, for persons especially refined and completely not choosy).
In antiquarian interiors which on Arbate it is full, furniture Ц a greater rarity, and soft it is difficult for naming. Here the wooden polished tables and chairs for drawing rooms more often are on sale. And the upholstered furniture from for a short while olden time can or be made to order, or, that is much more economic, to draw the old sofa any nice upholstery.
"Native" fabric on peretyazhku sofas, say, 40th years to find it is actually impossible, because the fashion on a fabric varies very quickly, and even samples of three-four-year-old prescription draw new materials. Create from a sofa a masterpiece any firm, engaged repair and peretyazhkoj furniture can.
- We repaired both samples of 18 centuries, and the latest models of furniture, Ц the senior master of creative group of the Workshop has told at the Union of artists. Ц basically, it is old sovdepovskie divanchiki. They are drawn as the old woman at whom cats have spoiled a upholstery, and by people with a prosperity for which it is necessary that the sofa was well entered in an interior. The present antiques almost do not bring.
To thicket orders from oligarches, which offsprings in a drunk intoxication prozhgli a sofa cigarettes, than from the people bringing something really valuable act.
For vazochkami, pictures and other accessories usually go on flea markets. "Knowing" muscovites approve, that here it is necessary to come to the opening. Official business hours of the market Ц since nine mornings till six evenings. But the very first visitors - antigue dealers with small lamps - come on "flea market" to six mornings to have time to find something valuable. Little bit later wholesalers, on cheap stuff remarkable badges buying up nothing and coins are tightened. Here these zhelezki it is possible to buy absolutely for nothing. On Arbate it is the most running goods: pilotki , decorated by the Soviet badges, to tourists sell for 350 roubles. But of worthy furniture for dwelling, I am afraid, there to not find...
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