Ekaterinbugu the furniture center is necessary.

The noncommercial partnership В« Mebelshchiki Urals Mountains В» (president Novomejskij S.A.) in the beginning 2004 has suggested to create furniture shopping center in a Ekaterinburg. This shop will enable manufacturers and sellers of furniture of city and area to advance production at a high professional level. And for ordinary buyers it becomes the uniform specialized center where it is possible not only to get furniture for all tastes and a prosperity, but also to receive a full spectrum of accompanying services: manufacturing of furniture on the sizes of the customer, transportation, assembly, installation, cleaning, restoration... Here it will be possible to pick up furniture for modern interernogo registrations of an apartment, office, a summer residence at the minimal expenses of time and means.
It would be desirable, that this shop has been located nearby to Ikei but while this question remains opened, whether because it is necessary to find out there are in presence free ground areas nearby. In this case the uniform trading zone where everyone could see for one visiting assortment megamolla , furniture center and ware market which is planned to move there would be generated.
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