Bed for pair fidgets.

If you have collided with porblemoj search of children's furniture obviously you know as hardly to find a set simultaneously beautiful, strong and functional. On quality of a dream depends not only mood, but also a state of health. The choice of beds in the furniture market really impresses! On low and high legs, on rollers, with neon illumination, carved, from the matte glass, upholstered by a fabric, throne, without a headboard... And if two, and a children's room only one and you do not presume to put kiddies to yourselves in it two nurseries krovatki? It is necessary to be engaged in searches good, strong, reliable dvukhyarusnoj beds.
All standard, habitual models which we see in shops zachachastuyu are not attractive. At the some people absolutely repellent impression is made with the elaborate vertical racks executed in style ladder balyasin. This style is pertinent in the country house, but at all in a modern city apartment. Others krovatki depress the skuchnostyu - sad vertical and horizontal beams make impression of soldier's plank beds and in any way do not cause desire ulechsya in such krovatku and to have a sleep. There are more serious krovatki with drawers for linen and higher sides, but on closer examination they show set of negligences in execution or unreliability of a design. And still it would be desirable that the bed for children has been executed not from DSP, impregnated by poisonous pitches, and from ecologically pure, natural tree. The tree removes weariness, irritation, giving sleeping the heat. There are and still wishes to a cot: There should not be sharp edges and corners. The furniture should be safe, strong and convenient (sides of the second floor should be high if your child sleeps it is restlessly desirable that there was still a door in an aperture of a ladder. The bed should sustain all friends to your child when they there will climb to play). Should wash easily.
The important role is played also with design. It should be surprising and multipurpose.
But also you should have an opportunity easy to sit down on the bottom bed what to esteem to children a fairy tale for the night and thus to not fight about the top shelf. Having looked for variants of cots, our choice has stopped on furniture from a pine. It rather is not dear, natural, has attractive color, for it it is easy to look after. Such two-story bed ideally approaches for small-sized apartments and is a fine berth for pair fidgets.. You any more will not have problems with things and toys. The capacious built in boxes will perfectly take care of toys and bedding. The children's bed will present more spaces and will ideally be entered in an interior of a children's room. Special plus of some two-story beds - at will of them can be disassembled on two separate krovatki . Even if you want to change conditions in a nursery, you should not buy expensive furniture again.
We hope, that this clause will help you to choose that variant which will satisfy to your wishes from variety of furniture and will please your children. In fact there is nothing on light better, than to see happy eyes of the kid! A two-story bed - your choice!!! Materials:
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