House-museum Vereshchaginykh.

Cherepovets. House-museum Vereshchaginykh. In this house two most well-known sons of family Vereshchaginykh were born: Nikolay the author of the recipe of " the Vologda oil » and Vasily the artist-.
In a hall on the second floor of house Vereshchaginykh it has been declared Vasily Vasilevicha's birth 2. From here the story about a life of family Vereshchaginykh also begins. The next room bufetnaya where are located the covered table-centipede, cases with utensils. Rooms in the house are constructed by a principle of a suite, that is all of them checkpoints, from the majority there is an output on a ladder. It is made that in case of a fire it was possible to leave the house quickly. In the room next to a hall are a sofa and two lombernykh a table for a card play. Furniture, cards, a pipe with the embroidered fine beads the basis, lithographs, guns all was once used by family Vereshchaginykh. Frequently very dear things adjoined with country. The following room in a suite belonged to mother of the artist. Now here there is its amateur little table with pyaltsami, a sofa and the armchairs upholstered by its embroidery, a locker with photos of parents of the artist. And in a corner of a room proizrostaet a jasmin. Aroma of this tree always welcomed visitors of house Vereshchaginykh. As this very whimsical plant, parents watered it only, servants did not touch it. In the next room there was a library where mum was engaged with children. Here books of family library are exposed, to collect which beginnings grandmother Vasily Vereschagin in the end of XVIII century. Editions in Russian was and remains it is not enough, one of them « Adventure of the Õáñª¿-woman », the others in French and German.
In a cabinet of the father on a table-secretary the notebook opened on page where Vereschagin-senior hand notes dates of a birth of its all children lays. Above a table a portrait of the friend to family, doctor Arendta personal doctor Pushkin, and a number Alexander Griboedov, the most favourite writer of the father of family. It is a little in the party dagerrotip, embodied brothers Nikolay and Vasily Vereshchaginykh.
Now House-museum Vereshchaginykh is actually included in a wedding route of the majority of a Cherepovets newly-married couple. And it is correct: in an interior of XIX century on a background of ancient furniture any bride will feel princess. But it is useful to come here not only into day of own wedding...
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