Concluded H colonies 7 provide Novgorod with souvenir production, furniture and bath-and-laundry accessories. For selling production the colony has a network of shops under the general signboard « At the owner ».
The colony for a long time is known for the masters. From here sculptures, wooden souvenirs and furniture send on different Russian cities. Production of a souvenir site derevoobrabatyvayushchego shops uses the greatest demand. Prisoners for eight hours per day diligently cut out intricate figures on caskets and vases, create unusual hours, work on sculptural compositions.
On a souvenir site there is a showroom. Here the administration of a colony results customers that those, having seen assortment, have chosen on the sample or have ordered something the .
Gangs and watering cans for baths use the greatest popularity. It is considered, what exactly in "seven" them do qualitatively.
Except for bannykh accessories at convicts-masters order wooden sculptural compositions under conditional names « muzhiks in a bath », « muzhiks on fishing », « boys on hunting », « abrupt guys had a rest in a casino ». More often sculptures cut out on photos which are brought by customers. Such souvenirs usually pripodnosyat at date of a birth, anniversaries, occasionally...
Not pokladaya hands, convicts do cases and armchairs, beds and sofas. Here create sruby besedok and baths, toilets. There are also very serious orders for kindergartens and sanatoria.
Buy for itself zonovskuyu furniture and the maximum grades of managements of execution of punishments. In exemplary "strogache" often pass(take place) exit meetings. And generals leave from Novgorod with purchases necessarily that divanchik to itself will look after, and even the whole set. But especially draw attention of the heads of an armchair-rocking chair. For the reason that here them make sound and heavy, just under general back.
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