The furniture from air is on sale in the Barrow.

In the Barrow the air furniture is on sale. The idea Ц to fill sofas and armchairs air has appeared 100 years ago, but only the materials, capable to realize this plan in practice are now thought up. And businessman Kharlamov has offered kurgantsam a similar novelty.
The furniture gathers from air blocks and covers. One block can sustain loading in 400 kg. In an armchair of such blocks 7, in a double bed Ц 18. Term of operation of this furniture of 10 years. In this furniture is unusual what to inflate it it is possible even a hair drier or a vacuum cleaner. And the largest sofa is inflated all for half an hour. One more plus of new furniture - cats to it are indifferent. Besides everything, it is possible to wash the given furniture.

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