On Kuban mebelshchiki prosper.

Product company "pollet" now owns 5 shops located on the area more of seven thousand of square meters.
Before the enterprise which is letting out(is releasing) approximately 50 kinds of furniture on a metal skeleton, removed a modest premise in the street Repina. According to director of firm " »«½½ÑÔ " of Igor Sarkisyan, the increase in floor spaces will give city new workplaces. The quantity of workers of the enterprise will increase with 175 person up to 300. Oshchutimo the assortment of made production will extend also. For the present moment the furniture made at enterprise " »«½½ÑÔ ", it is possible to see not only in sanatoria and rest houses of the Black Sea coast, but also in bars and restaurants of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk or Bryansk. We shall notice, that new batch production "pollet" creates each two months.
Acting the chapter of municipal formation of the city of Krasnodar Alexander Dombrovsky who is present on "house warming" of the enterprise, has told, that the increase in the areas is only one of the good parties of activity of firm " »«½½ÑÔ ". Only for 6 months of this year of deduction of the enterprise in budgets of all levels have increased for 90 % and have made about nine millions roubles. Besides it, introducing the most advanced western technologies, firm " »«½½ÑÔ " revives furniture manufacture in capital of Kuban and deduces it on higher qualitative level.
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