We buy furniture!

Wish to get new sleeping set? There Is an intention to replace the out-of-date bulky wall on something more graceful and modern? Plans good! But how to choose and where to buy furniture which will be accessible at the price of, it is beautiful and durable?
Quality is, first of all, safety of a product. It proves to be true results of tests for durability of units, connections and things as a whole. Also - hygienic certificates on materials of which it is made.
The second component - functionality of the sizes, accuracy of processing of a product. The third - manufacturing techniques. One case when the edge on a board is attached by worker manually, by means of an iron. And absolutely another when this operation is done with the machine...
And also the qualitative furniture should be beautiful, harmoniously be entered in an interior.

The Russian furniture on quality happens not worse foreign. It is confirmed with figures. In Italy the spoilage in production at many furniture enterprises makes 1,2-1,3 percent from the general number of all made production. One percent vybrakovki for Italians - decent figure. And percent of a spoilage in production at the large furniture enterprises of Russia equipped by the modern equipment, on the average less than one.
So if you have decided to get furniture, especially not important local it or import, the main thing, if it of a domestic production that it has been created at the large enterprise. Frequently on small-scale productions it is used nitrolak, extremely hazardous to health. In the Europe its application very strictly is forbidden.
However "podvalshchiki" involve buyers by. Their furniture is more accessible also because the cheap accessories is used. The Chinese or Polish fastenings for dverok cost twice more cheaply, for example, German, from firm " Хетих ". But Polish and Chinese German - on 25 thousand are calculated on 2 thousand cycles , and. That is the first will serve from force of year two, last - all 25. Here and a difference on the person!
At a choice of furniture be close, in fact you buy it not for one day.
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