The illicit furniture is detained.

Simultaneously three criminal has put on ch. 1 item 188 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation were opened on September, 7th by workers Nakhodkinskoj of customs on the facts illegal perevoza through customs border of Russia of a large consignment of goods.
In the first episode kontrabandno 94 wooden tables and 1084 wooden chairs by total cost, on estimated examination, more than 2,5 million roubles were imported. In the second - 51 wooden table, 104 wooden chairs, 110 curbstones under the TV, 3 floor hangers and a floor lamp. The price of this goods has reached almost 1,4 million roubles. In the third case 288 computer tables, 97 computer chairs, 7 beds, on 7 pieces - bokovin, lattices and backs for beds, 16 bedside-tables, 2 fixtures, 3 mattresses and 42 complete sets of bed-clothes were illegally imported. This goods are estimated by experts in the sum more than 1,5 million roubles. In all these cases smugglers obviously it is not true zadeklarirovali imported of port Pusan modular furniture of various names. On the goods arrest is imposed. Investigation is spent.
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