Beloruskoj to furniture factory of 125 years.

Joint-Stock Company " ѕинскдрев " has noted 125-th birthday.
It is today "Pinskdrev" Ч the largest and known in Belorusii the enterprise on manufacturing soft and case furniture. And all began with small factory on which made shoe shpilki and plywood boxes. In territory of present Belarus it was first such manufacture which was opened by brothers-capitalists from the Vein the Linden and Alexander Lure. Then in Pinsk have started to let out matches, then in manor Albrekhtovo brothers Lure have opened lesopilnyj a factory...
Now on a place of that factory Ч factory of the upholstered furniture, one of manufactures "Pinskdreva". Pinskaya the furniture is on sale today not only in Belarus, but also in Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany and even more than in 30 countries. For last five years export sendings "Pinskdreva" have increased in 5 times. In current to year the enterprise plans to export furniture for the sum of 55 million dollars, and the general turn of production should reach the maximal point Ч 100 million dollars!
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