Armchair of the head in a gift.

Company " " suggests to take part in the new action: all bought a cabinet of the head during from 07.09.2005 till armchair of the head in a gift!

In our shop the wide assortment of furniture for office is presented. A wide modelling number of furniture for a cabinet of the head will allow to equip with office furniture a cabinet, from the head of an average part up to any head with the refined and exacting taste. As our furniture allows to equip a workplace in view of that the head spends behind it many hours and is developed for the people loving functionality in a combination to imposing appearance.

A series of furniture for the head "Prime-minister" differs an optimum parity of the price and quality. The strict elegant design and functionality of office furniture is necessary to taste to the exacting buyer appreciating comfort and not indifferent to own image.

Collection of office furniture for a cabinet of the head "President" a magnificent example of overlapping of functionality and an aesthetics. Soft colors « the Italian nut » or makhagon, graceful bends of table-tops, carefulness of furnish, vyverennost modelling of some create aura of nobleness and respectability.

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Furniture for office from company " ".

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