We select furniture for prikhozhej.

If your vestibule close...
In apartments of the improved lay-out vestibules not so such small as were earlier. But in any case there are much "khrushchevok" and apartments where the lobby makes 4, and even 2 square meters. To owners of such habitation it is advised: play color!
It enables to change proportions, to create illusion of increase or reduction of space.
Light, cold, pastel tone visually expand space. Bright and warm, on the contrary, compress it.
The furniture is more preferable than light shades. Thus it should be combined not only on color, but also style.
Opening outside or harmonious doors opening outside too "eat" space. And in a case-compartment it is possible to place not only outer clothing and footwear, but also accessories (it is not necessary to cover a vestibule polochkami, hangers, lockers and hooks).
Owing to mirror doors the case will not look bulky. It will be looked as the big mirror from a floor up to a ceiling. It "will expand" space. And if the wide doors leading in other premises at home to make sliding as at a compartment, you as though will clean a wall.
If in prikhozhej there is not enough light...
In vestibules of standard apartments of a window are not stipulated. A bulb on the center - up to opposite it is boring. What to do? Our advice: get "glowworms"!
In small prikhozhej light eaves of cases-compartments can replace a luster.
Fashionable nuance - the dot bulbs located on all perimeter or a diagonal of a premise. Or same "glowworms", but built in in decorative potolochnye panels.
As a variant - unusual fixtures on corners and in dark zakutkakh. Besides everything so a lot of energy is saved - to remove(take off) footwear or to be changed, it is not necessary to include potolochnuyu a lamp on 75 Vt, illumination of the nearest fixture (as a rule, is 25 Vt) will suffice.
If you were bothered with mass-produced furniture...
Locker, polochka for footwear yes a mirror - an ordinary set of each second family. That stay from first seconds have understood, that the owner of the house - the person not ordinary, the unusual furniture is necessary. We advise: a full modernist style!
Instead of blocking up and without that a small vestibule, choose easy designs. Fashionably - hangers and supports for the footwear, made from metal trubok.
One more of last ideas of designers - furniture from matte glass on metal legs. For the complete set the mirror in a metal frame will approach.
For conservatives and fans of "classics" - furniture with a covering from natural shpona and polymers. It is a laminate and melamin (reliable coverings that is important just for decoration in prikhozhej).
As to "interiors", it is better to prefer MDF as stronger and ecologically pure material. But it is more dear. DSP is easier and cheaper. At its purchase ask the seller the hygienic certificate in which the level of allocation of formaldehydes should be specified.
If you do not wish to test a flour of creativity...
It is possible to shift all problems on shoulders of the qualified adviser of design firm or interior.
One more output - modular lines of case furniture of which elements it is possible to make conditions any prikhozhej . The case furniture is convenient that allows to issue all apartment or the house in uniform style.
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