Exhibition « Furniture. An interior. Design » in Latvia.

From September, 22 till September, 25th in Latvia, in a hall "Skonto" , there will pass(will take place) 8-th international exhibition « Furniture. An interior. Design ».
This action every year is already traditional collects more and more than manufacturers of furniture, an accessories, tapestry materials, designers of furniture and an interior, and also retail dealers furniture from Latvia and other countries.
Exhibition company LATEXPO plans to lead at once three competitions for visitors of an exhibition.
1. If you will come on an exhibition in target can receive a prize as the 10-thousand visitor of action - a convenient, stylish and beautiful bed from one of local manufacturers.
On September, 2.25nd the winner of competition on the most original trade mark LATEXPO will be certain. Wishing to take part in competition should think up a trade mark on a theme of furniture and register the work at the information stand till September, 19.00 24th. The winner of this competition will manage a powerful vacuum cleaner.
3. The vacuum cleaner will be received also by the winner of the third competition - the person who has composed the best motto for an exhibition. Application forms for participation in this competition will be accepted also till September, 19.00 24th.
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